“If Progress, Quality, Aesthetics and Budget are what you care about then let us help you come up with the Best Solution.”

Construction Ability

Phong Cach Moc focuses on F&B projects, so construction is one of our strengths and competitive advantages. This comes from owning a team of architects, skilled engineers and a system of modern construction equipment.

We completely meet the requirements of quality, technique and occupational safety. More specifically, it ensures the aesthetics and functionality of each design.

Construction experienced

Design – Construction – Furniture production are 3 areas that Phong Cach Moc focuses on developing. With a closed scale, a complex that complements each other, we are proud to bring to our customers quality and thoughtful products during the past 8 years.

Material Application

With 8 years of experience, Phong Cach Moc is always a pioneer in the selection and application of new materials. Additionally, we aim to use materials with sustainable and balanced values in the future. 

Phong Cach Moc constantly participates in training sessions, updating new knowledge to meet requirements from the market and customers proactively. We are customers of many reputable suppliers in the market.

Đối Tác Vật Liệu


Phong Cach Moc understands the importance of labor protection in construction. This is a decisive factor in protecting the health and safety of workers, engineers, etc. as well as avoiding unnecessary losses for businesses.

Our staff regularly participates in occupational safety training courses and is fully equipped with work safety protective gear.