Founded in 2014, Phong Cach Moc aims to become the number one provider of comprehensive and suitable space solutions in Vietnam. With a creative design team full of enthusiasm, we focus on exploiting the element of space with taste and efficiency to create an impressive experience for customers. The difference of Phong Cach Moc is based on creating a space design syncing with the brand identity. From the first sketch to completion, we ensure the success of the project by the combined efforts of the design team, branding team, construction and production team. Above all, Phong Cach Moc believes that everyone deserves to experience a safe, convenient and comfortable space.


At Phong Cach Moc, each individual is independent of thinking and acting with standards. We always have a thoughtful preparation, keep our promises and a demanding attitude at work.


With each finished product, we guarantee the quality, durability and safety to our customers.


Nearly a decade of operation in the construction field, PCM  proud to have a skilled and experienced team


Attention to detail, each project, always puts ourselves in the position of customers to bring safe, comfortable and convenient space experiences.


We always strive to improve and apply new technologies to the production process. There is always something new and disruptive in each product.